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Mayor & Alderman

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City Officials

The Mayor and Alderman are the governing body of the city. The Mayor is the elected leader of the city, and is responsible for all executive powers. The Alderman are a group of elected officials who are responsible for developing and passing policy and ordinances. Together, the Mayor and Alderman are responsible for the overall success of the city. They work together to ensure the city's needs are met, and strive to provide the best services to its citizens.

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Active City Officials


Shannon Higgins


Carla Davis, Danny Dillon, Cassondra Probert, Linda Welch, Vicky Jones, Sharon Wingert

City Clerk

Loretta Scheetz

City Collector

Brittany Menadue

Contact Information

City Hall

701 Depot Avenue 

Golden City, Mo 64748


P.O. Box 127

Golden City, Mo 64748

F: (417)-537-8593

Golden City City Hall
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